2015 brings the release of Australian singer/songwriter David Aurora’s third album, simply titled ‘Tar’. The new album marks a massive turning point for David’s music after the hermit style writing and recording approach of both 2007’s ‘An Exercise In Futility’ and 2010’s ‘Paradise Is Burning’. “For the first time in my musical life I was no longer just talking to the studio walls”, he explains. “After releasing Paradise Is Burning I realised I wanted a whole lot more out of life than just singing the same songs to the same faces at the same bar every week. I had just hit my mid-twenties and was trying to deal with what that truly meant compared to what I thought it would be like, from the totally mundane to the thoroughly life changing, and I felt this urgency all of a sudden to get out and grab life by the throat before I lost my nerve”.


With this fresh shot of adrenalin, he embarked on the first of what would be many subsequent east coast tours, and, as it turned out, writing journeys. “I feel like most of the material I took into making ‘Tar’ was written on the road. I don’t just mean on tour, I mean literally walking around cities with my guitar in a backpack and a notepad in my hand, trying not to bump into light posts while I scratched lyrics down like a maniac. And that’s what I really needed creatively, the inspiration of walking through the backstreets of Sydney or wherever thinking about all the twists and turns in life that took me there, rather than sitting around my house writing the 57th song in a row about some girl I knew once”.


In 2014, with songbooks overflowing, it was finally time to take a break from gigs and hit the studio. A few years of constant performing had helped to refine David’s sound as a predominately solo performer, with the end result being a far more stripped back record sonically than previous efforts. “My first record was very much a case of “I hate my voice, let’s just lay 400 guitars over it””, he laughs, “The second one was me being a touch less self conscious and trading some of the distortion for more musical substance. The third one is a one hundred percent heart-on-my-sleeve experience. There’s no intentionally cryptic lyrics to try to guard emotions, no punch ins or editing trying to create false perfection, it’s just a really honest snapshot of a certain period of my life”.


New single ‘Crawl’ out July 1st.